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Our Specialties:

Custom Fabrications

    • Motor rail kits/mounts
    • Cavatations systems

V-drive Specialists

    • V-drive installations
    • Gear change outs

Complete Steering Systems

• Hydraulic steering upgrades
• Cable replacements
• Power steering kits
• Add on systems
• Outboard steering systems
• Rack and pinion steering repairs
• Stringer pully sets
• V-drive chain and cable installations/repairs
• Steering wheel replacements/upgrades

Upgrade Services

    • Custom lower units installed
    • Gear changes
    • Performance enhancements

Engine & Service and Repair:

• Alpha, Bravo, XR, XZ, Speedmaster, No. 5, No. 6, Weisman, OMC, and Volvo

Engine & Performance Upgrades

Jet Blueprints

    • Pump installations
    • Diverter installations

Custom Billett Hardware

    • Fabricated billet accessories

Custom Wiring

    • Precisely detailed wiring
    • Custom routed

Typical Service Includes:

Change Engine Oil
Change Engine Filter
Replace Spark Plugs
Grease all zerk fittings on driveline system
Check all belts and hoses for wear
Check distributor cap for wear or corrrosion. Replace if necessary
Change water separting fuel filter & all other fuel filters
Clean Flame Arrestor/air filter
Check Carb/throttle body. Adjust if applicable
Remove & Rebuild sea pump
Check new sea pump for leaks or wear
Check fuel pump for leaks or wear
Check all fluid levels and requirements
Check and adjust timing
Check exhaust system for leaks
Check all electrical switches for proper operation
Check battery connections for corrosion and tightness
Check battery mounts for security
Inspect general rigging
Check Transmission fluid (if applicable
Change fluid and filter
Clean and dispose of waste in Sea Strainer
Check Engine Mounts for tightness
Check driveline bolts and nuts
Inspect all steering system bellows and clamps for wear & tightness
Check gimbal assembly for wear
Check shift mechanism
Pull drive and check engine for proper alignment
Check trim tabs for proper operation
Run boat and check for leaks
Check and spin all wheels for worn bearings or defective tires
Grease trailer bearings
Wipe down boat and trailer
Service varies per application and per customer agreement

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CA, USA. If you have any questions, our friendly team would be more
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