About Us

Our Story

Prime Marine began as a small operation in 1999 dedicated to repairs and maintenance of Prime Time Ski Race Team. At the time, Prime Marine specialized in the modern development of modern ski race-style boats. Throughout that time many advancements were discovered and improved upon to suit that form of ski boat racing. Prime Marine brought many innovative designs and products to life and onto the race course. In 2002 with a shift in management, Michael Ramirez was given an opportunity by Mr. Davis, the company’s president, to run the company. Ramirez, along with his team decided to push forward with innovative ideas and designs, from the rigging of boats to the creation of products. In 2007 Michael Ramirez purchased Prime Marine from Mr. Davis. Michael’s vision was to keep progressing as a leader in custom rigging while creating a location for the everyday boater to have their boat serviced, repaired, and upgraded. To this day Prime Marine continues to develop and produce quality designs that make it a leader in boat rigging and innovation. Along with its design and machining creations, Prime Marine specializes in service and repairs for all types of boats. From the original small outboard boats of the 1950’s to the 30′ and larger boats of today, Prime Marine provides excellent customer service, quality work, and treats each project as it was our own. We strive to make your boating experience, repair or installation pleasant and completed in a timely manner so you and your family can have a pleasurable and painless boating experience.